For Players


There is no longer a requirement for face masks. Players and spectators may choose to wear one, but no one will be asked to.

Chester is your home!

No matter what you do or where you go in life; the experiences you create here in Chester will be what you remember. Chester Soccer Club provides you with a safe, fun and healthy fall sports program.  The focus is on promoting the value and importance of sports and physical activities with emotional, physical, social, and mental development in an age appropriate setting.

With that in mind, please take a look at the player Code of Conduct.

Rec sports allow you to try something new

Exercise is a great way for you to loosen up, let go, and try new things. Maybe you play other sports or your time is taken up with other activities, and you only want to dabble in soccer. Recreation soccer is perfect for you. Maybe you play year round soccer for an elite club, where the focus is on specialized plays and speed. Rec soccer will give you the opportunity to be a leader in a new way, try different positions and hone those skills in a far less stressed environment. Rec sports also our Chester kids to develop tight bonds with their COMMUNITY which will provide them with a support system for YEARS to come.

Play for the FUN of it!

The memories made playing youth sports will last a lifetime. You may forget the name of your 7th grade science teacher, but the memory of scoring the winning goal in the Inter town fall rec league championship will last!