Burke Lord Real Estate & u15s Team Up For Cancer Awareness

Last Thursday my aunt, and 1670 other American moms, dads, uncles, aunts and children, died of cancer.

We aren’t alone.

I am sure every family has been touched by cancer in some way. Traditionally October has been used to bring awareness to fundraising, research, screening, and prevention campaigns for all types of cancer. That said, the buy “pink” campaigns often give more of their money to commercial enterprises than the charities they support…  SOOOO I’d like to offer a HUGE thank you to Bill Burke and Jennifer Lord of Burke Lord Real Estate for their generosity in donating drawstring sports bags, pink shirts and pink socks to the u15 team. Instead of asking the team to purchase these items directly, that has been taken care of, so that families can participate in our awareness campaign and make a meaningful contribution when and where they can, in the way that means the most to their family.

Get Involved in Cancer-Related Activities

There are a number of ways you can get involved with efforts aimed at the fight against cancer, or those that help others cope with the disease. You can:

  • Give support. You can give support in everyday ways, such as helping people with cancer with meals and errands or driving them to appointments.
  • Learn more about cancer. Help others by raising awareness and sharing what you know. There are many organizations that pertain to cancer prevention, research, and care. If you’re a cancer survivor or loved one of a patient, you may be able to help people understand the health care system.
  • Build Awareness. Talk about cancer prevention (wear sunscreen, don’t smoke). Lead by example, and get annual cancer screenings for yourself.
  • Volunteer. Cancer-related organizations include many different kinds of groups that help people with cancer. These groups may focus on areas such as service and support, fundraising, research, or policy matters. Many need the help of volunteers.
  • Donate what you can, where you think it will do the most good.

Thank you Bill and Jennifer for this amazing community support.