Needed: Youth Soccer Officials!

You DO have what it takes to be a soccer referee

From an outsider’s perspective, refereeing youth soccer can seem like an unenviable, thankless job. Still, if you like the game and MONEY, refereeing is an incredible gig. Hey, you’ll get some exercise too!

Register to Referee

Officials for Chester home games are assigned through our league contact Mike Welsh with Derry Soccer Club. We’d love to see experienced officials join us this fall. Referees choose their own schedule, and only travel as much or as far as they want to. There are also bonuses for those who take on 3 or more games in a season. Simply e-mail Mike Welsh and let him know you are interested.

Become a Referee!

Maybe you have been thinking about it for awhile, but are unsure of what steps to take next. That’s alright! Everyone was new once. Visit to learn more and start your journey today!

Back ups!

From time to time, Mike doesn’t have enough staff to send refs over to Chester. Sometimes we get a day’s notice, or an hour, but usually it’s a MANIC call from a coach about to start the game, and there’s no one there. Substitute officials do not need to be certified, the Chester program will provide the shirt and a whistle. You just need to come with sneakers (and thick skin). Pay scale is below. If you’d like to be on the Chester Referee Substitution list, let me know!

Referee Pay

Referees will be paid twice per season- once following week 4 for games officiated in the first 4 weeks and again at the end of the season for any other games officiated in the second half. Any bonuses earned will be paid after the season. Direct deposit is available by adding your deposit account information to your referee account with us. Referees will be mailed a check if a deposit account does not exist.

  • U8- Single Referee- $20/game
  • U10- Single Referee- $30/game
    • Training AR (1)- $10/game (Limited availability.  Must be approved by DSC assignor. Contact for details.  Excluded from any bonus calculations.)​
  • U12:
    • Center- $40/game​
    • AR (2)- $25/game
  • U15:
    • Center- $45/game​
    • AR (2)- $30/game
  • U18:
    • Center- $65/game​
    • AR (2)- $30/game