Labor Day Weekend

Quick weekend update/reminders:

  • U12 – Soccer practice is ON for tonight, Sept 2, 2022, on the UPPER FIELD at 5:30
  • U06 – Practice in ON tomorrow morning, Sept 3, 2022 at 8:30 AM on the Wason Pond field
  • U18 – Has practice MONDAY evening, Sept 5, 2022 at 7:00 PM on the town’s upper field

This Holiday Weekend is OFF for:

  • U8
  • U10
  • U15


Game schedules for U10 through U 18 will be released Monday. I can tell you with complete certainty, you will have a game on SATURDAY, SEPT 10. TENTATIVE plans for week one look like this:

week 1DivTimeGameLocation
9.10.22U10 10:30Chester Lopez v Merrimack 3Chester Academy Lower Field
9.10.22U10 12:00 Chester – DelBene V Derry- TalicChester Academy Lower Field
9.10.22U10 9:15 Chester – Sutherland AT Merrimack 6Reeds Ferry School 7B
9.10.22U129:00Chester – Theokas v Hampstead PaoneChester Academy Upper Field
9.10.22U152:00 Chester- Lopez v Windham SousaWason Pond Recreation
9.10.22U1812:00 Chester v LondonderryWason Pond Recreation

This schedule is still being developed. A full season schedule will be available online next week. We appreciate your patience.

Shirts are In

Team shirts and shirts for coaches are available now. Please contact your age group coordinator or coach if you still need one.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend friends!