Play Pickup Soccer

Those fields out there and LONELY! Grab some friends and make use of them. Some folks like to have pickup games on Sunday afternoons from 5-7. Join them, or create your own time.

No experience necessary. Just some exercise and laughs with your neighbors. Get out there Chester!

Pickup Soccer Is A Lifelong Passion

I grew up playing organized soccer and we would sometimes play pickup over the summer in the off-season. Back then there was actually an “off-season.”

These days kids get into formal programs much sooner and they are more and more demanding, so often they never get the chance to play without the pressure of a coach or having to perform at a certain level. Pick up allows everyone to be involved without the pressure from coaches or the need to “win.”  

Maybe a defensive player doesn’t feel comfortable with carrying the ball; in a pick up game you are free to try, make mistakes, and learn. Soccer is the teacher when you aren’t trying to isolate technical skills. 

Get Out And Play Pickup!

Pickup soccer is a great way at any age to relieve stress, hang out with friends, and continue to learn and grow in the game you love playing. So get out there on the pitch, or try Futsal in a local gym. All you need is a soccer ball. Grab some portable soccer goals, or if you don’t have any just use bags or shirts as goalposts.

As long as you can still stand upright you can play soccer!