Which Age Group is Junior?

I know she seems so small, and that age group number seems so big. You might be thinking, “No way! Can this be right?” Or maybe you are sure he would do so much better with older kids, and you want that higher number. I have four kids, I’ve been there- seen it from both sides. Rest assured, though. This system works.

On Aug. 1, 2017, the way in which youth soccer players in the United States register for youth soccer teams changed to be based on year of birth. This new standard helped create clarity and consistency as well as improved understanding about developmental progress and enhance playing environments.

Shifting to a birth year registration system makes it easier to understand what age group a youth player belongs in, and keeps them together year on year, regardless of what soccer program they join. Previously, two players born in the same year could be in different age groups in one league and the same somewhere else. Now, every player born in the same calendar year will play in the same age group. This change made it easier for parents to figure out where their child should be playing and for both coaches and parents to become more aware of how players develop based on age and how individual needs may vary.

This change also aligns the U.S. youth soccer calendar with the rest of the world. The United States was one of only two countries that used a school year calendar to determine age group. (And that changes depending on states, school districts and what not). Now, the United States joins nearly every other FIFA federation. U.S. youth players develop and train in the same age group environment as leading soccer nations worldwide. 

Age Group Breakdown in Chester for 2020

U4, U2, etc- contact Candia Recreation or Derry Soccer Club . We are not currently offering programming for kids born in 2017 or later.

U6 – birth years 2016 & 2015

U8- birth years 2014 & 2013

U10- birth years 2012 & 2011

U12- birth years 2010 & 2009

U15- birth years 2008, 2007 & 2006

U18- birth years 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002 (plus 2006* ninth graders interested in being on the older team)

I’m Still Not Comfortable with This Assignment

Does this system work for everyone?

Of course not. Our soccer board recognizes that some accommodations might be necessary in a few special circumstances. This year we will have an open board meeting on Friday, September 11th for parents to request changes, and evaluate the situation on a chase by case basis. More information on that will be coming shortly.