Under the Lights Rescheduled: Friday, October 18

Under the Lights Rescheduled: Friday, October 18

I’m not a meteorologist or a fortune teller, but I have consulted experts in those fields and they have encouraged us to move our “Under the Lights” games (currently scheduled during a Nor’Easter) to NEXT week, October 18… and I have obliged.

I do realize it’s not an ideal change. The new date conflicts with the Chester school cross country team’s pasta party as well as a Pinkerton football game that the junior high band is attending. It’s also the movie release date of the highly anticipated Zombieland 2… but life is full of hard choices, so here we are.
We will play three games, under the lights, next Friday, with whoever is available. With any luck at all, it will be GREAT weather and we will have a blast.

Schedule: Friday, October 18

5:00   u10 game (mixed)
6:15  u12 game (Curio v Hathaway)
7:30  u15 game (Hammond v Robinson)

Donations for Under the Lights

we have refrigerator and freezer space in the snack shack, so feel free to bring packaged donations tonight or to practices next week; cookies, brownies, etc. will be fine in the cooler if you want to leave them with Gina on Wednesday or Thursday.

Prepared foods and all donations can be dropped off Friday around 5:00 pm. If you are looking to make something, we are really light on chili donations, we could also use small flavored drinks, like the little gatorades (available at Aldi for $8 a flat). Please consider contributing an item, or your time:

Any leftovers that can be saved will be used at the end of the year celebration in the Multipurpose Room, (next to the town offices) Sunday, November 3.

Happy Columbus Day! no practice Monday

There is NO PRACTICE on Monday, Oct 14. Have a wonderful, and safe holiday weekend.