Save the Date: Party Time. Excellent

End of Year Celebration! – Time to break out your party pants and plan for the end of the year full program celebration! Mark your calendar for Sunday, November 3rd. We will need volunteers for setting up and providing treats for all of our athletes!
3:30 – 5 pm- u6, u8, u10
5:30- 7 pm- u12, u15, and u18

Slight change for this year:

the younger kids will receive a size 4 soccer ball instead of a participation trophy. This change comes after years of discussion, and for a few reasons; first it’s way more useful to have a ball in the garage than a trophy in the attic, secondly providing our younger children with a ball is more in line with our recreational sports program goal of promoting athletic development and involvement for every child. If you or your family has thoughts or comments on this change, Shoot me an email,

As for the older kids…. you will have a pizza party- thanks BOOSTERS! There are tournaments for u12-u18… you guys can get a trophy if you earn it. Good Luck!