Early Bird Rate End SOON!

I know it’s summer, and your mind is on a thousand different things… but this is a deadline you don’t want to miss!

Chester Soccer Club is offering a $15 discount for ALL registrations received on or before August 11. We need to know who is volunteering, how many fields and refs we will need and how many shirts to order. This is a big deal. The earlier you get your registration in the better! Saving money is super great too, of course.

If, by chance, you have missed the August 11 Early Bird Rate, no big deal. Regular registration rate of $65 per child will be in effect from August 12 to Aug 25.


If that doesn’t entice you to get the registration in by the deadline, wait until you see the penalty for late sign ups! Any child registering after August 25th will incur a late fee of $25 PER CHILD, so you are looking at a $90 registration per child for waiting until school starts.

Please don’t ask the Rec Dept., the volunteer coaches, or the mom in the snack shack to waive the fee. No one can help you go back in time and get this done. The registration dates are fixed for logistical and financial reasons. There is a lot of sorting and scheduling that is done once registration closes, and late sign ups make this really, really hard.